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The TIG Venture Community is a unique space where investors and entrepreneurs come together to change the way we fund emerging natural product brands. You’ll find helpful articles, templates for innovative investment instruments, and helpful resources.


Work with me

Capital Coaching

Let’s work together. I will review your financials and pitch deck, We will discuss your vision, mission, and purpose. We will work to match the right investment instruments and help you profile and target investors.


Coaching includes:

  • 1-hour work session

  • 20-minute recalibration


$479 investment

Negotiation Support

If you finally have that investor or acquirer on the hook, don’t face the negotiation process alone. I am a professional business negotiator with experience in hundreds of transactions. Let me help you.


Support includes:

  • Pre-meeting prep
  • Meeting facilitation 
  • Meeting post-mortem

*I don’t act as an attorney or replace the need for one

Download Our Open Sourced Investment Templates

TIG Brands is offering these templates as a service and does not assume any responsibility for the consequences of using any version of them. The decision to enter into any agreement is solely that of the investor and investee. Any changes to the language or elements are to be made between the investor and investee and their respective attorneys

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