TIG Collective

A Vibrant Community

The TIG Collective brings together entrepreneurs and advisors, providing support, education, access, and community. It recruits a diverse group of industry experts to connect entrepreneurs to experience and wisdom. The TIG Collective adds workshops, an online library of classes, and partnerships with retailers, food service operators, distributors, service providers, and industry champions. Together, we create a vibrant community of support.

How it works

Entrepreneurs join as members, making an annual investment of $5,000 (a monthly installment option is available). Entrepreneurs and advisors sign agreements with the TIG Collective, with entrepreneurs issuing advisor options or profit interest units and advisors issuing equity equivalent units. These agreements vest over two years, allowing advisors to share in the aggregate upside of all the brands participating in the Collective.

Benefits for the entrepreneur

  • Raise aligned capital
  • Get profitable faster
  • Achieve sustainable growth
  • Gain clarity and make fewer mistakes
  • Meet buyers and investors
  • Belong to a community
  • Become capital-efficient and resilient¬†

Benefits for the advisor

  • Make an impact
  • Share your wisdom
  • Grow your network
  • Learn about board management, fiduciary, governance, and more
  • Become board ready 

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