Who We Help

At TIG, we are focused on helping natural product brands grow. We position them to raise capital, prove velocity, gain distribution, drive revenue, and win market share.

We help small companies become strong regional brands and help strong regional brands become powerful national ones. We work internationally with companies who wish to bring their brand to or expand their presence in the North American market.

Our brands come to us with products that are innovative and disruptive. They have great stories to tell and a passion for what they do. They’re committed to the triple-bottom-line, doing what is best for people, planet, and profits.

We combine our brands’ innovative products, stories, passions, and triple-bottom-line focus with our customized one-to-one alternative accelerator approach to grow brands that are scalable, investment-ready and exit-attractive.

Like Sherpas. we do everything in our power to get our brands up the mountain but, we can’t climb for them. They must be willing to do the hard work of pulling themselves up, crossing the chasms, and navigating the hazards. They must train, prepare themselves mentally and risk failure. When they eventually arrive at the summit, exhausted both mentally and physically, the glory is all theirs and no one owns it but them.

"It has been our pleasure to work with Elliot and TIG for the last 3 years. Their in-depth understanding of the US grocery market and intimate knowledge on how best to go-to-market in the U.S. has been essential in our growth from $0 sales to over $2mil in our first 12 months."

Matthew Parry - Co-Founder CEO, The Good Crisp Company