What is Needed for an Emerging Food & Beverage Brand to Grow?

I am a food & beverage geek. I love to read and write about the industry. I work every day with amazing brands and even more amazing people. So, when Chefs Best reached out and asked if I’d be willing be a guest on their podcast “Just a Taste” and share my thoughts and experiences on what is needed for an emerging food & beverage brand to grow, I don’t think I let them finish asking before I said yes!

Chefs Best host Scott Curry and I explore topics such as identifying your ideal consumer, finding the unmet need, and crafting a consistent, and engaging brand persona. We also discuss industry trends, alternative channels to retail, and shopper behavior. For fellow food & beverage geeks, this is a cool back and forth conversation. I hope you enjoy it and please share your thoughts. 

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I am excited to be leading a workshop on alternatives to retail at KITCHENTOWN's Learning Lab on June 7th in S.F. Click here to reserve your spot