2 words that changed the world

Two words that changed my world!

I am going to share at the onset that this article is personal and on the surface may seem less germane to the business topics for which I typically pen my thoughts. You see this is a love letter. Certainly not something typically offered in this setting. 25 years ago today, a beautiful and kind woman responded to a question with two simple words “I do”. I tell you in all honesty that those words changed my world and shaped my being.

My wife is not only my life partner and best friend; she is also one of my greatest teachers and most impactful mentors. She taught me the value of kindness, the impact that true listening can have on another and proved to be the best living example of compassion that I have ever had the pleasure to watch in action. I came into adulthood with the logical and linear. It has been through my wife’s hard fought cultivation that I have learned the importance of truly making others feel heard, valued, cared for and respected.

In addition to being one of my greatest teachers, she is the ultimate supporter, promoter and cheerleader that one could ever hope to have in their corner. I always knew this, but over the past couple of years have relied on it heavily. I would never have the courage to take some of the steps I have without the comfort of her steady hand.

When after 20 plus years of a very comfortable life and career I informed her that I was bored and wanted to take a risk and move to a small town in California, she said let’s go. When just a year and half later, I shared with her that I was unhappy and really wanted to do something for which I had a passion, that I wanted to make a difference and teach others what together we had learned and deeply believed; that the power of transformation lies within people; she said, great go do it. When my own would waiver, her confidence in me did not. Her belief in me has always been greater than my own. Her complete and utter surety in my abilities has given rise to my own inner strength.

Every footfall on this path has been taken in lock step with her, every twist and turn, up and down. Today, on the anniversary of those two words that changed my world, I remain in awe of her courage, bolstered by her strength and blessed by her love. Happy 25th!

I would like it, if we can use this post to do something not often done in this forum; share what we are grateful for and with whom we are beholden, for nothing is accomplished in the absence of others.

Thanks for reading.