8 Radical Traits of Integrative Leaders

8 Radical Traits of Integrative Leaders

As I mentioned in my last post, common leadership traits will not achieve uncommon results, integrative leadership skills will!

What are those traits? Simply it is the intertwining of the common with the uncommon. To develop this integration, one must make radical pivots on these 8 leadership traits

Radical vision: Beyond just having a vision for the organization, it’s strategy and direction. It is layering on the understanding that all of us want the same things; to be heard, cared for, respected and valued. It is the recognition that people don’t see things as they really are, but rather through the lens of their needs and habits. It is seeing what is most important at this moment, not focusing on the past or attempting to control the future.

Radical thinking: You are not your thoughts. Thoughts are often your habits, your story about yourself or others. We tend to judge everything, attach labels, attempt to make sense of things and put them in some order. Integrative leaders let go of judging and labeling and just meet the situation as it presents.

Radical awareness: One of the greatest gifts you can give an employee is your complete attentiveness. Radical awareness means that you meet an employee with complete and total presence. Not while multitasking. Not with a prescribed response. Rather, you meet them in that moment. It means you listen and offer them your full and complete attention. It is noticing your state of mind, as you are about to engage with an employee.

Radical speech: Words and how they are delivered are powerful. Radical speech requires mindfulness of the impact of your words and a commitment to taking great care of how, when and where you communicate. It requires avoiding the common traps of exaggeration or gossip. It is the recognition that speech can either contribute to, or help reduce suffering.  

Radical action: On the surface this is simple. Do only good and avoid causing harm. Beyond this simple definition, it is about being generous with your time, showing compassion and empathy. It requires one to act with authenticity and humility.

Radical integrity: A steadfast commitment to put ethics in front of profits. It is never wavering or accepting the actions any member of your organization who attempts to bend the core values of the organization.

Radical effort: Strive not only to achieve organizational goals, profits and growth, but also endeavor to move away from habits and to create an open, flexible mind. Take effort to be mindful and fully present.

Radical focus: This is about keeping the organization on the right path in the face of the constant bombardment of information. It requires not allowing confusion to wash over the organization. It is about always having a clear view of the road ahead.

These are radical traits; they do not diminish those traits more commonly associated with business leaders. Rather, blending these together creates true integrative leadership.

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