What does Apple, Google and P&G have in common?

What do Apple, Google and P&G have in common? 

The answer is not what your think, it is meditation.  There is a growing body of research that shows the benefit of mediation in the workplace. A 2009 study by Ohio State authored by Maryanne Klatt, showed improved employee morale, mental focus and a sense of well-being. According to this study, this can lead to decreased sick days, workplace injuries and increased productivity.

The concept of Meditation often conjures up the image of hippies or Buddhist monks in saffron robes obscured by the smoke of incense. But this is not about flower power, or a monastic life. We are talking about a skill that can directly improve business results.

I have had a daily mediation practice for nearly a decade. I believe this to be foundational to my success. Why, let me offer you some of my direct observations.


The gap.jpg

The Gap: meditation creates a space between action and reaction. Learning to sit with your mind provides the insight into its habitual behavior.  At the office, when someone says something that makes you angry, as a meditator, you will have the benefit of seeing that anger appear in the mind. That awareness creates a space affording you an opportunity to better manage your reaction. In business you can’t control others actions, but you can determine your reaction.

Letting Go: sit with your mind for a while and just notice how many different thoughts come and go. This understanding will provide you the confidence to let go, to not grasp or try to control.  You will have the benefit of direct experience, witnessing the fleeting nature of thought and emotion.


Being Present: mediation clearly shows that you are not in control, that you cannot alter the past and the future has yet to occur. You will find yourself spending less time ruminating on past mistakes or worrying about future challenges. You will spend more time in the moment, which is the only place you can take action and create change.

Humility: CS Lewis says, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less”. When you have the wisdom gained from sitting with your mind, you will recognize that you are not your thoughts. That recognition frees you from having to defend those thoughts. You become less egocentric and you take yourself less seriously.


Listening: having the gap, letting go, being present and possessing a good dose of humility all lead to better listening. Personally, I can think of no greater gift to offer a co-worker or a staff member than just being able to listen fully.


Now, one important caveat, the above doesn’t always happen, as our habit energy is just too strong. Meditation is often referred to as practice. That is because perfection of the above is not attainable, nor the goal. Rather, the practice provides the insight.  It tills the soil so the wisdom can grow.


The actual process of mediation is simple. I have produced a short video with basic instructions, if you would like copy of that video, please click button below and I will be happy to send it to you. For more information or to schedule a complementary discovery session please click on the discovery session button .

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