What keeps you up at night?



What are the questions you have about your business but can’t answer?



Dear Reader,

I was recently working on content for the website. I began to give some thought as to the most common questions that people have about their business. The questions they struggle to answer. I started the list on the right. 


I can continue with my list, but I am most interested in your feedback. What are your questions, or what questions have you heard from others? This information will help frame future blogs and potential research. Plus, it should just be an interesting electronic conversation.


You can leave your suggestions in the comment section or use the attached form to send your questions directly to us here at The Intertwine Group.

Thanks for reading and for your comments.


Elliot Begoun

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1.     What is preventing us from achieving our anticipated results?

2.     How can I improve my brand equity or position?

3.     Why is my competition always a step ahead?

4.     Is my supply chain designed to support growth?

5.     How do I make meetings more effective?  

6.     Can I get more production from my sales team?

7.     Is my trade spending really producing results?

8.     Am I executing against my strategic plan?

9.     Is there a way to make budgeting less painful and more accurate?

10.  How do I improve my hiring decisions and therefore my retention rate?

11.  How to change the culture; improve organizational motivation?

12.  Do I have strong enough leaders?

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