Our DSS Model is less of a model and more a guiding philosophy. Through direct and complete engagement, we begin to identify the root cause of your pain points. We listen, we ask and then we listen some more. You have the intimacy with the business that is needed to unearth the forces at work that limit growth. Our process helps to activate that knowledge and allows it to percolate to the surface. Then together, linked we DIAGNOSE.

The next stage is to envision the future state. So often, we jump right into solving, but do we actually know what we want, where we want to go, how we want the outcome to look? Together, we ask those questions, we envision the future without the diagnosed constraint. We then frame and clearly articulate that shared vision, breaking it down into actionable and measurable steps. Then together, linked we SOLVE.

A developed solution requires stakeholders to be brought to the table and all must commit to it. Famed business educator Peter Drucker said "unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”  Gaining commitment is a process of change management, of consensus building. An organization must have a singular purpose when taking on any issue. Once all have made a commitment to support the solution, you must measure the results. Peter Drucker also said "what is measured, improves". All the work in each of the phases of this model quickly falls apart in the absence of measurement. Measurement creates accountability and accountability drives results. Then together, linked you SUCCEED!