Tardigrade Manifesto

There is a better way to build a brand and a business. One that does not require traveling the well-worn path in pursuit of the mythical unicorn which is littered with the carcasses of those that failed to cross the valley of death.

At TIG Brands, we believe in building tardigrades, not unicorns. Tardigrades are nimble, capital-efficient, and resilient. Tardigrades say “no” to growth for growth’s sake. They avoid the fundraising hamster wheel and keep fixed costs and burn low. They are focused on unit and channel economics. To be a true Tardigrade, a brand must embody these ten traits:

  1. Capital-efficient

  2. Guided by a growth hypothesis

  3. Growth hack mindset

  4. Investment ready

  5. Optimize the shopper continuum

  6. Disciplined

  7. Nimble

  8. Accountable

  9. Community building

  10. Resilient

How do we help Tardigrades? We do three things:


We provide the advisory support and guidance needed to ensure that every decision made, dollar spent, and action taken aligns with the ten tardigrade traits. We shepherd you across the valley of death.


We plug you into a community of collaborators and champions where you’ll build reciprocal relationships with force multipliers and door openers. No brand or founder has crossed the chasm without the help of others. We will bring those alongside who can propel you forward.


We recognize the need for access. We’ll work to get you in front of buyers, investors, and industry leaders. You’ll get access to programs and events that others don’t and introductions to impactful service providers and difference makers. You’ll need to get the hits and home runs, we’ll get you the at-bats.

As a Tardigrade, the arc of growth will look different than the lauded hockey stick. Fundraising will be a means to an end, not a full-time gig, and capital efficiency will be the north star. The path will be difficult but you’ll cross the valley. Don’t worry, you won’t be traveling alone. You’ll be part of a supportive community. Join us, become a Tardigrade. Leave the others to chase the unicorn.

Why did we choose the Tardigrade as our mascot? Because they are amazing. They pioneer new ecosystems and can survive on the moon or at the bottom of the ocean. When things get tough, they can go into cryptobiosis, surviving without food or water for up to 30-years. Tardigrades represent everything a brand and business should emulate; adaptability, efficiency, and resilience.

It has been our pleasure to work with Elliot and TIG for the last 3 years. Their in-depth understanding of the US grocery market and intimate knowledge on how best to go-to-market in the U.S. has been essential in our growth from $0 sales to over $2mil in our first 12 months.

Matthew Parry – Co-Founder CEO, The Good Crisp Company

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